The Black Market is a shady area hidden beneath Helios City. Many illegal activities take place here such as Pokémon fighting to the death rather than fainting. One side of the Black Market connects to the Helios Sewers while the other grants the player access to the Perfection Base.


  • The player needs to navigate through the Black Market by running along the series of pipes leading to different sections of the area. As the player begins to run along the first pipe, they will meet up with Damian, who informs the player that they need to sneak into the Perfection Base in order to enter the Jade Tower.
  • After Damian disappears, continue along the pipe until reaching a section that splits into 3 possible directions for the player to travel next. Take the pathway leading left to navigate towards the Perfection Base.
  • Hop off of the end of the pipe leading to the left and then head north, around the square of Pokémon fighting to the death, and then up onto another pipe.
  • At the end of this pipe the player will find the entrance to the Perfection Base. Enter it.


In addition to the market itself which sells a number of rare and unusual items to the player, there are two other points of interest here that will likely be very useful to the player.

Custom Move TutorEdit

To the right of the Hiker wandering around the southern part of the Black Market is a house where the Custom Move Tutor resides. A Custom Move is an attack that allows the player to modify its name and type. The move is set as a Physical move with 70 , but it can be taught to almost any Pokémon that the player possesses. The downside to this move is that the move costs PokémonDollar5000 every time the player wishes to teach it to a new Pokémon, and the move's type is the same for every Pokémon that learns it. Changing the move's name and type is free but these changes are applied to every Pokémon with a Custom Move on their move set.


The Witchdoctor is in the eastern-most house in the Black Market. This character creates bad powder for your pokemon which allow the player to evolve Pokémon that would normally evolve through trade assuming that all of their trading conditions have been met. However, your pokemon will not like you. What item do you need though?


The market itself consists of four vendors willing to sell peculiar and uncommon items to the player, which they all refer to as junk. Some of these items can only be bought once while the others can be purchased an infinite number of times.






|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Ultra Ball | align="center" | | align="left" | Northeastern section of the residence area

|- style="background: #FFFFFF;" | align="center" | Escape Rope | align="center" | | align="left" | Southwestern section of the residence area

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