An ambitious young boy who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Trainer. He quickly befriends the player character and is eventually allowed to receive his first Pokémon after being endorsed by the second Augur himself. After defeating Harmony, Reukra, leader of the Perfection Cult infects her dad, Malde with Pokerus which turns him into a Deoxys, and Damian is infected as well.


A talented young Trainer who was chosen by the Legendary Pixie to be its partner. She decides to leave on a journey through Torren after meeting the player character. She also lets you know the story of the pixie pokemon (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Victini, Hoopa and so on )



The leader of Perfection.


The leader of the Cult of Darkrai. She's Diana, a gym leader's sister. She sacrifices her cultists to Darkrai and has a base in Shade Forest.


The leader of the Abyssal Cult. She is Damian's mother. Damian tries to infect her with Pokerus, but she denies the offer, so Damian steals the crystal keeping Kyogre trapped, and Kyogre drowns Audrey.


The leader of the Infernal Cult. The Infernal Cult was the first one, and the only one besides Perfection so far that hasn't sacrificed anyone in front of you.


The second augur and leader of the Sky Cult. He uses a strange black crystal the is destroyed by one of Damian's Pokemon to harvest infinite power. After the crystal is destroyed, Jaern finds a piece, Reukra finds a piece and an Abyssal Cultist finds a piece.

Gym LeadersEdit


The Gym Leader of Suntouched City. He uses fire and grass types.


The Gym Leader of Vipik City. His Gym is forest-themed and he uses Bug and Poison-type Pokémon.


The Gym Leader of Helios City. His specialty are Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon.


The Gym Leader of Sonata City. She uses Normal and Fairy-type Pokémon.


The gym leader in Kepler City. She uses Electric Types.

Other CharactersEdit


Professor SylvanEdit

A professor who hands out Eevee as Starter Pokémon for aspiring trainers. She also offers a choice of three Delta Pokémon, Delta Bulbasaur, Delta Charmander and Delta Squirtle, after being asked by Reuka to take them in.


A member of Perfection.You catch him stealing the white stone in suntouched City.