The Helios Department Store is the largest shop in Torren at this point in the game's development, far larger than the average Poké Mart. The store is four stories tall, excluding the basement.


  • Ignoring the receptionist's declaration that the basement is off limits to the player, head downstairs from the first floor and enter the Helios Sewers through the hole in the southwestern corner of the room.


Floor 1Edit

Here, a receptionist welcomes customers and explains the store layout as needed. Though she rants about the basement being off limits when asked about it, there is nothing stopping the player from heading downstairs whenever they desire.

Floor 2Edit

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Floor 3Edit



Floor 4Edit






Basement 1F 2F 3F 4F
Helios Department Store Basement Helios Department Store 1F Helios Department Store 2F Helios Department Store 3F Helios Department Store 4F


  • The receptionist on the first floor of the Department Store does not include the floor she is situated on when describing each floor to the player. This causes her to refer to Floor 2 as Floor 1 and so on.
  • One of the shoppers on the fourth floor is excited at the prospect of being able to purchase s. However, the Department Store does not actually sell Ability Capsules at this time.

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