Helios Gym
Jade Tower 4F
Location [[Helios City|]]
[[Gym Leader|]] East
[[Badge|]] Summit Badge
Dominant [[Type|]] [[bulbapedia:Flying (type)|]]
[[Region|]] [[Torren|]]
Helios Gym Battlefield

The Helios Gym is the official Gym of Helios City, and is the third Gym the player challenges in Pokémon Insurgence. This Gym is different from other Gyms in that the Helios Gym itself is actually located within the Jade Tower in Helios City as opposed to it being a normal Gym building situated in the city. The Gym Leader is East. Trainers that defeat him receive the Summit Badge.


Because the Jade Tower was constructed in place of the old Gym, the Helios Gym is now considered to be part of the Jade Tower. As a result it is difficult to ascertain exactly where the Gym begins and ends inside of the tower. However, it is known that East will battle challengers on the fourth floor and it would also appear that there are no official Gym trainers inside.

The Gym Leader, East, uses both Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon. He is also known for using a Mega .

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As the player completes the events in the Jade Tower, they will eventually find themselves on the fourth floor and will observe a discussion taking place between Jaern and East. After the second Augur acknowledges the presence of the player and Damian, he will summon a horde of Sky Cultists before revealing that he is the leader of the Sky Cult. He then commands his subordinate, East, to battle the player on the condition that the loser will be sacrificed in order to summon . Despite the unorthodox manner in which this battle takes place, this is still considered an official Gym battle.

After defeating East, he is sacrificed by Jaern without giving the player a reward for defeating him. These rewards will later be given to the player after completing the events on the rooftop of the tower.

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