Gym Leader Orion
Suntouched City
class="" style="text-align:right; background: #F5AC78" Trainer class
class="" style="background:#FFF"  Gym Leader
style="text-align:right; background: #F5AC78" Leader of
style="background:#FFF"  Suntouched Gym
style="text-align:right; background: #F5AC78" Badge
style="background:#FFF"  Badge#Thermal BadgeThermal Badge
class="roundybl" style="text-align:right; background: #F5AC78" Specializes in
class="roundybr" style="background:#FFF"  Fire-type Pokémon

Orion is the Gym Leader of Suntouched City's Gym, known officially as the Suntouched Gym. He specializes in mostly Fire-type Pokémon. He gives the Thermal Badge to Trainers who defeat him. After you battle him and come out of the gym, Nora tells you that something is happening in the gym and decides that you two should go check it out. Once inside, Orion and Harmony are talking to one another. During this the cult Perfection shows up with Kyurem. They plan to take the rock away from Orion by force. Just as they're about to, the rock turns into Reshiram. Reshiram flies away to take Perfection away from You, Orion, Harmony and Nora. After your conversation is about to end with everyone, Reshiram comes back and decides to be Orion's partner.

In the gameEdit

This Gym is the first to be challenged by the player. Trainers who defeat him will be given the Thermal Badge, along with TM43 Flame Charge. (Personal info needed here)


Gym battleEdit

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