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The Koril Town Scientists Club is a laboratory located in the southwestern corner of Koril Town. The scientists inside share a passion for conducting research and advocate for outsiders to take a look at what they do behind the scenes on a day-to-day basis.


When the player first visits Koril Town and the Scientists Club, several people will inform them of the club looking for a new intern. If the player agrees to assist the head scientist in the back of the laboratory, they will be considered a member of the club and will be allowed to assist the club by participating in several research-related missions. As most of these missions will involve Pokémon, there is reason to believe that the player will be able to acquire special Pokémon while assisting the club on these missions. The player also receives a fair sum of money for their assistance.


Note: As of update 1.0, one mission is available to the player

Mission 1Edit

In Mission 1, the player will be asked to go out to a different laboratory where a number of fossil Pokémon have escaped their cages and are now wreaking havoc on the facility. The player is free to battle and capture the smaller Pokémon running around the beginning and middle of the laboratory, but they will ultimately be unable to leave the mission until they have dealt with the in the back that is responsible for freeing the other Pokémon in the first place. PokémonDollar3,000 is awarded to the player for their assistance.


Wild Pokémon only appear while the player is completing a mission.

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  


Special Pokémon
I Scientist Mission 1

colspan="4" style="background:#FFFFFF;" Two

I Scientist Mission 1

colspan="4" style="background:#FFFFFF;" One

I Scientist Mission 1

colspan="4" style="background:#FFFFFF;" Two

I Scientist Mission 1

colspan="4" style="background:#FFFFFF;" Two


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